Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Things I Forgot Between Babies

Dear Girls,

Six years between babies is a long time.  For us, that included about three years thinking that we might not have another, and another two plus years trying to actually have another.

So when Evan finally showed up, it was almost like I was a new mom again.  I realized quickly that I had forgotten so many things about this precious baby-stage.  Some of the stuff I probably "forgot" on purpose.  (Hello, exhaustion.)  Other things were a reminder of how sweet this time can be, and had me longing for those days when you girls were my bouncing new bundles.

I want to share some with you now.

37 Things I Forgot Between Babies

1.  That baby smell.
2.  How miserable the last trimester is.
3.  How exhaustion pushes the limits of how tired you can actually be and still manage to function.
4.  Quiet nighttime feedings, when it seems like it's just the two of you in the whole world.
5.  How babies pee with amazing force and accuracy.
6.  The sweetness of nursing.
7.  The challenges of nursing.
8.  How fast they grow.
9.  How being within three feet of a baby makes even the most stoic person talk like a fool. 
10.  The mom bounce/rock/sway and how hard it is NOT to do anytime you're standing up.
11.  First smiles.
12.  How bold people are when they touch your pregnant belly.
13.  The magic of that first meeting.
14.  Why labor is called that.
15.  The ability to do everything one-handed.
16.  First laughs.
17.  How heavy and awkward those car seats are.
18.  How much stuff a baby needs is bought.
19.  How expensive formula and diapers are.
20.  The joy of getting to know this tiny person and watching their personality develop.
21.  How loud and dangerous the world seems when you're bringing baby home.
22.  Being so excited about the next stage.
23.  Wanting baby to stay a baby forever.
24.  How much you're willing to let yourself go and still be able to stand yourself.
25.  How much you're willing to let the house go and still be able to stand it.
26.  How delicious some baby food is.
27.  Babies (and pregnancy) are great conversation-starters. And buffers.
28.  How often medical advice changes.
29.  The well-meaning advice from everybody.
30.  Dreading laying baby down for fear they'll wake up.
31.  Deciding to hold them for the duration of the nap.
32.  The back pain associated with holding a baby for long periods of time.
33.  The quick-witted ability to make up lullabies.
34.  Baby clothes.
35.  Hormones.
36.  How babies are so cute it makes you borderline angry.
37.  Trying to soak up each moment so as to not forget a single thing.


Do you have anything to add to this list?  Please share in the comments below!

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