Saturday, May 14, 2016

The League and the Lantern Book Review

I was excited about this one because of the possibility of discovering a new book series for Jyllian (11).  She's intelligent and loves to read, which is for one thing awesome, and for another thing a challenge.  A few weeks ago I took her to the library to pick out some books, but the three books we left with were returned the very next day due to some themes and language she was uncomfortable with.  To find quality reading material for her that keeps her attention and is appropriate is something we've been struggling with lately, but I felt good handing her this book.


Jake is going into the seventh grade eager for a do-over after a not-so-great sixth grade year.  During the first few minutes of a back-to-school weekend event, he meets Lucy and TJ, who end up being his accomplices throughout the many adventures that follow.  It's nonstop action, and the story unravels to reveal long-kept secrets, secret identities, and historical ties leading back to the Revolutionary War.

The characters in the story learn lessons about mercy, charity, and the value of family.  There are some great talking points that make this a great read-aloud option.

Though I don't normally tend toward books with a ton of action/adventure, I was pleasantly surprised by how many times I laughed out loud, and by how quickly the pages kept turning.  It helps that the hardcover book itself is beautiful.

About the Author

Veteran TV Executive Brian Wells has heard the requests of parents and educators, and is committed to creating engaging content and exceptional storytelling that instills positive character.

Raised on the edge of the jungles of Nigeria and the prairies of Illinois, Brian has helped to produce award-winning, family-friendly network television movies that have been enjoyed by millions across the U.S.  This is his first novel.

Before I even opened the book, I was able to discover that Brian operates under the principle of 'criticize by creating.'  So, instead of complaining about what's out there (or-more accurately-what's not out there) as far as entertainment for our kids, he's decided to be part of the solution by simply creating better content.  I love that.

Here's what Brian says:

"As my wife and I tried to find great, engaging entertainment options for our kids, we realized that other parents and teachers shared our struggle.  We couldn't find stories and series for our children that were both flat-out awesome entertainment and reinforced the kind of character we wanted to build into our kids.  Our thought became, 'what if we created an adventure series that was first a fast-paced roller-coaster adventure with great characters and humor and also wove in themes such as family, friendship, and compassion?'"

Anyone who visits the website and signs up for their email list gains access to all the "bonus stuff."  This includes a guide called "Lincoln's Speeches & the Bible," which explains how Abraham Lincoln's faith and reading of the Bible helped influence two of his most famous speeches AND how they are woven into The League and the Lantern.  Discussion questions follow each entry.

My absolute favorite thing is this:  For every purchase of a hardcover copy of the book through the official website, an identical hardcover copy will be donated to a child who couldn't otherwise afford to buy a copy of their own.

Bottom Line 

If you're looking for a quality series to add to your family's library, I would absolutely recommend this one.  I appreciate the motive behind writing it, and I think it's executed in a way that's sure to make it a fast favorite. 

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You can pre-order through the website or Amazon now, and reserve your copy before its official release date of May 16, 2016.

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